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Hi my name is Kelli Bult. In 2015 my husband Jacob and I were blessed with the birth of our first son, Caleb. He was born 10 weeks early and has a micro chromosome deletion resulting in many physical and mental disabilities. He has been involved in all the early intervention therapies you can think of. His team of therapists, teachers, and doctors in Sandpoint have been so incredible to him and we are very grateful. As Caleb gets older my husband and I have realized that there is not a lot of opportunity for special needs fitness. We want to create a group atmosphere for any adult, adolescent, or child with special needs to come and feel comfortable and safe, and learn about functional fitness and nutrition. Eventually we see fitness events, special olympics of sorts in our future. Here at UCAN, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further our cause, and help you achieve your goals. Just imagine what we can do together!

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